Customized Inflatables for Corporates & Events

Airspace manufactures innovative customized inflatables that offer unique creative solutions for successful and effective brand activation.

Stand out from the crowd with hero pieces that dominate events. Tailor-made inflatable Airspace units and sculptures guarantee visibility and interaction with your brand. They are totally memorable, effective and affordable, with the bonus of social media spin-offs that keep your brand top of mind. Even better, giant inflatables allow you to grab attention by harnessing ‘free’ vertical visual space. Their flexibility is remarkable: you can use them indoors at product launches or business events or at large outdoor venues and sporting events. Whether you use them on the ground, in the air or on water, inflatables will grab attention and make a lasting impression.

Did you know that our inflatables can have any shape and size imaginable? Airspace will customize any inflatable to your unique requirements. And we will meet your deadline and work within your budget.

We ensure that your brand is associated with fun and help to give your advertising and event teams a creative edge!

Have You Considered The Benefits Of Inflatable Advertising?