Custom Inflatables


Let your brand stand out!

Stand out from the crowd!

With so much competition for a client’s attention you need your brand to be both recognizable and memorable!

Giant inflatables offer an affordable and effective form of advertising to ensure high-frequency visibility for your brand. It is used extensively in marketing, sales and promotional events.

Inflatable advertising is any type of commercial signage that is intended to be filled with air. They can have any type of shape and size imaginable.

From small point-of-sale inflatable products bearing your logo to giant inflatables, message boards and balloons for large outdoor venues and sporting events, on the ground, in the air or on the water, we will customise any inflatable to your unique requirements.


Have you considered the benefits of inflatable advertising?

Inflatables have high impact and visibility

High impact and visibility!

Used “on-location”, inflatables generate an immediate response and have a lasting visual impact. They are also extremely effective when used with other more conventional forms of advertising, and will greatly enhance the overall effectiveness of any promotion or event.

With your company branding emblazoned in full colour on an inflatable balloon, giant product replica, giant character or anything else you want custom-made your target market will be left with a lasting impression.

Inflatables are easy to use

It’s easy to use!

Inflatables can be easily set up and deflated, folded into a compact shape and stored until the next use. The collapsible, light-weight nature of the inflatables make freighting economically viable. This translates into highly portable branding and advertising.

Each unit comes complete with everything you need to operate it, and requires minimal manpower.

Inflatables offer an unconventional tactile alternative

It’s unconventional!

Inflatables offers an unrivalled opportunity to be creative – inflatables are fun! Kids and adults love them.

Giant inflatables literally transform your brand into a 3-dimensional, larger-than-life experience and gives life to your brand.

People can interact and engage with your brand on a tactile level!

Inflatables are durable

It’s durable!

Our full colour, highly detailed inflatables are hand crafted from the finest quality fabrics, making them weather resistant and durable.

In addition, our workmanship is guaranteed for a year – including the stitching.