Airspace Inflatables have been making giant inflatables for the advertising and branding industry for the past 20 years. Earlier this year we were approached by Daniel Popper (a renowned SA Installation Artist) to do some staging for the Electric Forest Festival in Oregon USA. The production of the proposed inflatables were above and beyond anything that we had done in the past. However, with the years of inflatable manufacturing experience, an awesome Airspace team and the addition of talented and skilled designers, modellers, animators and texture artists, we took on the challenge. All this over seen and art-directed by Daniel, who had to stand by and wonder if we knew what we were doing!!

It goes without saying that the learning curve was vertical – the days became a blur, the floor was a sea of textures and pattern pieces, there was a constant drone of machines, take-aways fed hungry stomachs and there was not much sleep. The result was a resounding success! One of our inflatable stages was voted by Billboard Magazine as the best stage at the 2017 Electric Forest Festival – This is what Billboard Magazine had to say: Honestly, of all the stages erected at Electric Forest, Tripolee and The Hangar were definitely the coolest. Tripolee looked like one had stumbled upon some ancient ruins. The massive idols flanking each side were silent deities blessing the dancers below.  Have a look at how gorgeous those silent deities are:

Traditionally stages are built with hard materials like metal and wood etc. Introducing inflatable staging makes so much more sense:

  • Easy to pack and pack much smaller than their inflated size. This means that the cost of shipping is greatly reduced and in most cases, it’s economical to airfreight the units.
  • Easy to inflate. You literally plug in your blower and up it goes!
  • Easy and convenient to store.
  • They are also easily re-usable
  • The WOW-impact is unprecedented.

So, freight of units, moving stages from venue to venue, and re-erecting these large staging elements has never been easier, all the while creating an unmatched experience.

A 2014 San Francisco State University Study showed that “millennial’s desire for experience over material goods is a cross population phenomenon”. There are literally hundreds of international festivals a year and the numbers of both festival and participants is growing exponentially.  Festivals are no longer just about mud, acid and cliché music – they offer a full sensory experience with a combination of music, art and technology.

Airspace is now officially offering Inflatable Sculpturing, to enhance this sensory experience, along with all the other amazing bespoke giant inflatables we are known for.

If you would like to know more about Inflatable Staging or any of our other products, then contact us on or call us on +27 (21) 785 3331.