Usage Instructions

Safety Instructions for Inflatable Rentals

  1. Supervision by an adult or responsible mature person should be in attendance at all times.
  2. Ensure that the unit is secured properly with the securing lines and pegs provided.
  3. The unit should be fully inflated before children start playing on it. Nobody on the unit during deflation.
  4. The blower and extension lead should not be in or near water.
  5. No shoes, glasses and jewellery, food or drink allowed on the unit.
  6. No pets!
  7. Do not jump on or off the unit and keep a distance from the sides.
  8. Only children of similar age and height should play on the unit together.
  9. Slide feet first on the units that have a sliding facility.
  10. No playing with the blower – sticking items or figures in the fan!
  11. No wrestling or somersaulting.

Inspection at point of inflation

  1. The blower is tested before dispatch, but on receipt check again before unpacking unit.
  2. Ensure that the extension is long enough and not strained when plugged in. Also ensure that the cable is placed in such a way that people cannot trip over it.
  3.  Inspect the unit to ensure that there are no holes, tears or damage.

Note: Each unit and the blower are inspected and tested before dispatch, but should there be a problem, report the fault immediately.

Setting Up

  1. Find a flat surface on which to place the blower. Do not place the blower on a sandy surface as the sand will be sucked into the blower.
  2. Turn the blower so that it is in the direction of the unit.
  3. Attach the tube from the unit around the neck of the blower and secure by means of the Velcro.
  4. Make sure that there is space all around the unit once it is inflated.
  5. The Blower should not be in or around water.
  6. Place the blower out of the way of children.
  7. Ensure that the power available is sufficient for the blower. If you are using a multi-plug with other items plugged into it, you may find that the power is drained and not sufficient for the blower.
  8. Try and use the shortest extension cable to avoid loss of power.


  1. Before deflation get all children off and out of the inflatable.
  2. Remove any debris that may be left on the inflatable.
  3. Disconnect the airflow and allow the air to escape freely.
  4. Remove all the anchoring devices, i.e. pegs and/or sand bags
  5. Once the unit is completely deflated pack up by systematically folding the sides in first and then roll the unit.
  6. Place in PVC carry bag.