Terms & Conditions

Terms of Rental Agreement

  1. The inflatable shall be deemed in good order and fit the purpose for which it has been intended.
  2. The full amount of the contract shall be paid in full on collection or delivery of the rental.
  3. The Lessee accepts responsibility for the inflatable and its contents in the event of damage or loss due to any cause whatsoever.
  4. Airspace Inflatables (Pty) Ltd will not be responsible to supply power to the blowers nor any extension leads.
  5. No sharp object, animals, food or shoes are to be allowed on the inflatable.
  6. No Children and/or animals are allowed to play with or near the blowers.
  7. The blowers must not be left in the rain or near any water.
  8. All damages or loss incurred to the equipment while in possession of the hirer, will be payable by the hirer unless mutually agreed to in writing by both parties prior to the use thereof.
  9. No refunds will be considered under any circumstances.
  10. If any overnight hire occurs, the inflatable must be folded & stored in a secure and dry area.
  11. Airspace Inflatables (Pty) Ltd does not accept and is not liable for loss, damage or injury to any persons or property whatsoever.
  12. The equipment should stand on a flat surface, preferably on grass and in the shade. If any other surface is used, the lessee must ensure a suitable covering is used on the surface under the equipment, otherwise the lessee will be liable for cost due to excessive wear and tear.
  13. Do not use the equipment in a garage or any place where any part of the inflatable will come into contact with ceiling, timbers, tree branches or any such structure, which could result in excessive wear and tear. Should hot spots arise; the hirer will be liable for the repair costs.

Booking Procedure

  1. Book the rental unit by calling us on 021 785 3331/3 or via email at
  2. Payment is due 3 days before collection (unless other arrangements have been made)
    (Cash, Cash Cheque or EFT is accepted)
  3. A cash deposit of R500 per unit is required on collection, and will be refunded when the unit is returned
  4. All units come with a blower, bag and inflation instructions
  5. You will need to complete an indemnity form. It can be downloaded from the website or completed on collection

Indemnity Notice

  1. The Hirer hereby acknowledges that it is necessary to have a responsible adult in attendance to supervise children at all times.
  2. The Hirer undertakes to ensure strict compliance herewith, indemnifying Airspace Inflatables (Pty) Ltd against any possible claims that may arise out of any damage or injury sustained by any person utilising the Inflatable and electrical blower fan.
  3. Although every effort is made by Airspace Inflatables (Pty) Ltd to ensure the safety of the equipment, the Hirer assumes liability and is responsible to notify users that the inflatable is used entirely at their own risk.
  4. Airspace Inflatables (Pty) Ltd does not accept any responsibility for loss, damage or injury to any person(s) or property whatsoever.
  5. Always have a responsible adult to supervise and operate the inflatable at all times.

Airspace Inflatables will provide the following:

  1. The inflatables
  2. A suitable blower for each inflatable
  3. Pegs to secure and stabilise each inflatable

The lessee will need to provide the following:

  1. Electrical supply
  2. Extension leads (if needed)
  3. Ground sheet for hard surfaces