From Design To Manufacture

About Us

Airspace Inflatables creates bespoke inflatables for clients in diverse industries, both nationally and internationally, from Fortune 500 companies to advertising agencies and sports clubs.

Airspace has been designing and manufacturing custom-made inflatables to the highest artistic and technical standards since 1993. In the years since, we have taken bespoke inflatables to new heights – both literally and figuratively.

Airspace has perfected the art of inflatable sculpturing, and our magnificent structures meet international standards and have been showcased in countries across the globe. We love working with clients and artists to bring their concepts to reality.

The demand for additional manufacture capacity lead Airspace Inflatables to team up with Zeppelin Inflatables on a number of projects. The collaboration of two leading inflatable manufacturers, and the sharing of information has been hugely beneficial and very successful.

For this reason Airspace Inflatables and Zeppelin Inflatables have merged. With our joint creative and technical know-how we are able to produce world class, magical super sculptures.

Our Manufacturing Process

Our speciality is custom-built inflatables, the bigger the better!

From customer brief to design to completed units, all our manufacturing is done in-house at our premises in Johannesburg, South Africa. Our design and manufacturing capability is an accumulation of years of experience, which allows us to give all our customers professional guidance on their ideas and designs.

Our exacting design team will work with your brief to visualise and then plan your project. Once you have approved the design, our in-house factory experts take over.

To achieve superior workmanship, we use specialised equipment, including computerised cutting tables, digital printers, 3-D design packages, high-frequency (HF) welders, hot-wedge welders and double-needle locksmith industrial sewing machines.

We use a variety of different quality fabrics (depending on the design and application of the unit). PVC is currently the most popular option as it is durable, easy to maintain and offers valuable longevity on all units. Artwork can be digitally printed, sprayed or stitched onto the unit depending on your specifications.

Responsible Recycling

We are very excited to be working in collaboration with Sealand for responsibly upcycling our PVC off cuts and waste. Their company ethics and culture are aligned to ours and we are thrilled by the creative way they upcycle our waste materials.

The brand pillars on which Sealand is based are:

The process of adapting used or waste material to create new product offering with a different value and context.

This is the industrial process of breaking down used or waste product and transforming it into a new, material.

Ecocycle is the process of selecting materials for their natural, durable qualities and environmentally smart properties.

Sealand was born with a commitment to keep the environmental front of production. They have achieved this and are now an internationally recognised brand.