Frequently Asked Questions

How do inflatables work?

Cold Air Units – Stitched


  • A variety of light to medium-weight fabrics can be used
  • If the unit is punctured the blower ensures it stays inflated
  • Can achieve intricate design and detail
  • Inexpensive to freight
  • Packs small for efficient storage
  • Light weight and easy to inflate – one or two people can inflate
  • Can withstand strong winds if properly secured
  • Printing of branding easy and effective
  • Easy to repair


  • Some light-weight fabrics can be difficult to clean
  • Need electricity for blower
  • Can use a generator

Sealed Units – Hot Air Welded


  • You do not need a constant power supply
  • t is made from 550g PVC upwards, so very durable
  • Can be moved from one place to another easily


  • Made out of heavier fabric
  • If the unit gets punctured, it deflates
  • We cannot do a unit under 2m
  • Limits design and detail
  • Printing on sealed units can be difficult

Helium Units


  • Without a doubt the best visibility and brand exposure
  • Best suited for promotions, launches, special occasions – short 2-4 day use


  • Helium gas is very expensive
  • Blimps cannot fly in winds greater than 25km/hour
  • The helium units come in white, so branding can either be done on
  • detachable banners OR we can print a full “sock” to cover the unit
  • We cannot make a helium unit smaller than 3m
  • You cannot fly the unit near buildings, overhead power lines, higher than 30m, near trees or anything upon which the unit can snag

Can I get a quotation & pricing?

PRICE LIST – You will have a quote within 24 hrs!

We understand the need for quick price estimate! As all our inflatables are custom made, there are many variables (as listed below) to consider when working out a price.

Send us your requirements based on these options (including your concept and budget) and we will send you a quote within 24hrs.



We have a range of light weight fabrics and PVC’s that range from 250g – 1000g. Different fabrics suit different units depending on customer requirements, size and technical design.



We have state of the art printing equipment for printing branding. We can match Pantone references and if need be print the entire unit. Depending on the artwork, we also spray art and applique the branding onto units. Full Pantone colour printing costs extra.



We generally don’t work with units under 1.5m and are happiest with the bigger the better!



We pride ourselves in assisting our customers to meet their deadlines. This sometimes requires the expense of overtime.



We will certainly consider a discount for bulk orders.



We achieve amazing levels of detail in design. Some units require more design than others.



Last but not least – we work out what we can do within
your budget.



Prices quoted do not include delivery/freight.
Prices may change without notice.